Our area of operation is the Nordic countries and Baltic states

Experienced, reliable, flexible and versatile shuttle services all over Scandinavia and Baltic states

We have been active in the industry since 1997, our business has con­stanly grown. Today we have 16 dif­ferent vehicle units ready to meet the dif­ferent needs of our cus­tomers more efficiently.

The equipment at our disposal is extensive, which enables extensive service provision

  • road train cabinet and tar­paulin cloud 21,35lvm 42 tons, semi-trailer fleet con­sists of several type of trailers.
  • Ver­satile low loader equipment suitable for trans­porting machinery 15-42ton 21.4 lvm.
  • Adr inspection tank equipment suitable for the transport of dan­gerous goods
  • Replacement pallet ser­vices with hooklift equipment. Earth moving ser­vices are also provided all over Finland.
  • Mul­tiple semi- trailer trucks.


Doing business with us is easy and hassle-free. We offer fast deliv­eries cov­ering the entire Scandinavia.

  • transport of dan­gerous goods
  • Machine trasnport
  • convoi exep­tionnel
  • transport of bulk and mass goods.
  • Earth moving around Finland
  • pulling cus­tomers trailers from Stockholm/​Kapellskär to all over the Nordic countries.

Porovedentie 210 B
74160 Iisalmi, Finland

Y-tunnus: 1823363-8

Administration and personnel

Seppo Lap­palainen

+358 40 5127 324

Operational management, orders, maintenance of equipment, sales

Anssi Lap­palainen

+358 40 0688 932

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